Playing the Slot Machine, Moon Princess 100

Play’n GO has released a new version of one of their most popular slot machines, Moon Princess, called Moon Princess 100. The creator of the legendary game evidently feels the same way as gamers do about the game’s anime-inspired gameplay. There is no new theme or even significant changes to the gaming mechanics this time around. Two of the game’s most important features, both of which are connected to the number 100, have instead been given a significant boost.

If you are already acquainted with how Moon Princess functions, feel free to skip this section and jump ahead to the new features. For those unfamiliar with Moon Princess, the game is a slot machine interpretation of the ubiquitous anime subgenre. Inside, you’ll discover a 5×5 grid with three women as game icons, and another set of women dangling perilously off the edge of the screen. This is significant because some mechanics credit the player with the ability represented by the visible princess.

The game’s attractiveness, with its pastel colors and heroine-driven plot, remains mostly unchanged from when it was initially launched. Cancel it, because the two upgrades have increased the power available. Neither has had much of an effect on the numbers, which show persistently high volatility and a little lower RTP of 96.2%. In order to win at a cluster pays slot, players must line up at least three identical symbols in a row, either horizontally or vertically.

Payouts for five of a type equal 10 times the wager, while payouts for mixed princess combinations equal 5 times the stake. Players may spin the reels for as little as 20 pence or as much as £/€100 each go. The next four symbols are also associated with princesses, and they pay 1-3 times the wager for a line of five. One additional symbol hides behind the curtain; the moon wild replaces all others and awards 50 times your wager for a full house.

Slot Functions, Moon Princess 100

Moon Princess 100, like the original and its sequels, has a formula for getting to the good parts. Wins with normal symbols occur when three identical symbols appear in a row, either horizontally or vertically, and can begin anywhere on the reels. When a victory occurs, the matching symbols are removed from the board, making room for the remaining symbols to fall into the empty cells below. When a winning combination is wiped out, a wild symbol is formed in its place. The win multiplier is increased by 1 for each cascade, from a maximum of x20 to a maximum of x100.

Strong Women

A Girl Power feature can randomly activate on any losing spin. Whichever princess is shown next to the grid determines what it is.

Love – transforms the visible symbols into a different set.

One or two extra wilds are added to the grid whenever a star appears.

The storm removes two groups of symbols at once.

Trinity, the Princess

A power meter is installed close to the grid. If you get a winning combination of 3, 4, or 5 princess symbols, the meter will fill up in 1, 2, or 3 places, respectively. When all three Princess Trinity boxes are checked, the player is awarded one free spin. Each princess utilizes her modifier on losing spins until she has used all three. The win multiplier is reset for this spin. In this bonus round, you may win more spins by clearing the grid.

Bonus Turns

When triggered, players may select from three separate free spins features, each of which offers either 4, 5, or 8 bonus spins (Love, Star, or Storm). If the current spin does not result in a win, the designated princess will use her special ability. In addition, the Power Meter grants four, three, or two additional spins in the Love, Star, or Storm bonus game, respectively, anytime it is full. This time around, instead of only 20, players may win up to 100 free games.

Slot Machine Review: Moon Princess 100

With the help of Moon Princess, Play’n GO established themselves as industry leaders in grid-based slot machine games. It combines elements that a large number of gamers were yearning for, like cartoon animation, strong female protagonists, and chaotic snowball gameplay. It was well received at its initial debut, and like many successful innovations, it spawned a number of imitators. We’ve seen a holiday edition, an Egyptian edition, and now the big ‘100’! This doesn’t take into consideration any potential long-term impact Moon Princess may have had on other studios.

Moon Princess 100 is mostly indistinguishable from the original game if you’ve played it. If you’re lucky enough to empty the board, you get to pick from three different free spins features. The same amount of chaos occurs when extended responses of winnings hit, resulting to Princess Trinity. The path is more complex than just hitting three scatters, but many gamers have happily accepted the challenge. Moon Princess 100, in contrast to its forerunner, is more adaptable, allowing for even more use. While the game’s characteristics remain the same, players may now earn up to 15,000 times their wager on Moon Princess 100 thanks to a higher win multiplier and more free spins.

If the second choice, Moon Princess 100, is available, you should choose it. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to tell the two difference most of the time; but, the 100 now has more freedom to maneuver, allowing gamers to potentially push it harder than previously.

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