FanDuel is one of the major gaming platforms in North America, and xDesign, a leader in the mobile gambling software industry, has engaged into a multi-year agreement with the company.

About C$400,000 will be invested into developing both companies’ real money gaming activities as a result of the cooperation, with the combined effect of creating 400 new employment. The agreement is an expansion of a working relationship that has already been going on for 18 months and has the potential to generate high-quality jobs and nurture new talent.


Forty more employees at xDesign will help with FanDuel’s account, bringing the total number of people employed by the firm to 120. With this new contract in place, xDesign is planning to hire an additional 150 employees to bring the total number of consultants on staff to 350 by the end of 2022.


xDesign has said that it plans to increase its staff to more than 500 employees by 2024.


Meanwhile, FanDuel is planning to expand its engineering team for their gaming platform by 250 people, with a choice of working remotely or at one of their offices in the United States or Scotland.


“We have been continually impressed with xDesign throughout our relationship to date,” stated Andy Giancamilli, Chief Operating Officer of FanDuel. To paraphrase, “its people-first approach, technical pedigree, and superb track record of delivery to rapidly scaling companies provides FanDuel with a relationship to be envied by others in the sector.”


FanDuel has more than 35% of the sports betting market in the United States, making it the most profitable company in the industry. FanDuel was founded in Edinburgh, although its current headquarters may be found in New York.


Both xDesign and FanDuel are passionate about finding and developing young talent in the United Kingdom, and CEO of xDesign Euan Andrews believes that the continuation of their partnership will help the two firms achieve this goal. To close the expanding technology skills gap, “investing in people and creating a platform for future tech talent” is essential.

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